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Who we are

For over thirty years this group was Puget Sound Writing Project at the University of Washington. 
We have now moved to a new status as a non-profit organization, with the same goals of training teachers to teach writing in Washington classrooms, while developing their own skills as writers.

We believe:

Writing teachers should write.  In our workshops, time is dedicated to writing itself and sharing of writing in the classroom community.

Teachers are the best teachers of teachers.  All facilitators in the Consortium are or have been classroom teachers, in all venues at all grade levels.  We match training to grade levels and experience of the participants.  We do our best to differentiate professional development in a collaborative setting.

Teachers should share best practices in teaching.  Each of us has strategies which have worked with our students.  In our professional development sessions, we encourage participants to share those successful strategies and to explore the relevant research.

Writing is thinking and must be integrated into all subject areas.  We only know what our students are thinking and how they are coming to terms with ideas and content through their conversation and their writing.  Writing provides the opportunity to organize and clarify understanding.  Writing is a gateway to further understanding and a skill needed in all future endeavors from college to the world of work.